AI-bot for Green Real Estate

Easily automate repetitive tasks, such as answering common questions and providing information about your green properties and company services.

About AI - bot for Green

Make your green real estate TALK

AI-bot for real estate is an effective way to reach more potential buyers. Get a human-curated dialog and give your buyers the opportunity to review the details about your green properties in an easy-to-use way. You can create the dialog from a simple list of questions and answers – that is predictable – and expected. Standard answers every homebuyer asks.

How does the AI-bot work to help sales?​

Create a reliable source of information for your clients in a few clicks


Build a trust

When the information is provided to you buyers from an artificial intelligence that is easy to talk – they will begin to return with the expectation that the real estate details are correct. 


Always be there for clients

Being able to ask questions any time of the night or day 24/7 gives a buyer satisfaction that they can return for their concerns to be answered when and where they need them.


Close more deals

Links to actually wrap the deal and make purchase can be provided. The conversation can become a valued part of your closing procedures.


Integrate with a website

Connect AI-bot with your existing Word Press website, or get a new portal with AI – an assistant inside. Easily create FAQ lists in a few clicks


Generate more leads

Clients can be sent directly to your calendar to schedule when they are ready to take a look and speak with you or your agents. You can refer them to an open house or other event as well.


Cover more channels

AI-bot can answer client questions from any device and channels, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, or others

Who can you reach how fast?

What are the benefits of using a AI-bot to rent or sell your green homes?

The AI-bot is designed to help your sales by providing information about eco-friendly sustainable real estate properties. It can answer questions about the property, provide contact information for the listing agent, and even schedule appointments for potential buyers.

Amplify your SUSTAINABLE real estate business FLOW

Streamline green-properties

Users prefer to get information through a chat – so why not automate that chat to save you or your agents time and get right to closing deals

Move more inventory

You know that the more customers your reach the more closings happen. AI - bots never stop working, so your deals go through..

Share all information

If your customers have all needed information to move forward with purchase the roadblocks to a happy owner or renter is removed.

Get the details out faster

Simply enter the details you know your buyers need and your conversational ai can take it from there.

Make climate a priority

There's not been a better time to foster climate change and sustainability through conversational assistants and real estate as now.